April 22, 2017

A Seafaring Adventure

Locales’ resident chef Andy Davies will captain a crew including the swash buckling Ben Williamson of Brisbane’s Gerard’s Bistro and Paul “Blackbeard” West of the River Cottage Australia on New South Wales South Coast. Joining them will be a group of Australia’s best fishermen and salty dog John Susman, to shuck, cut and cook a veritable bounty of seafood from the local waters.

Roam amongst the chefs, fishermen landlubbers and freebooters, enjoy some of Australia’s finest natural wine and batten down the hatches for a night of fun, feasting and frivolity. Join them to dance the hempen jig as they heave to, telling yarns while preparing and serving seafood straight from open raw bars, fire pits and wood ovens.


Here’s a taste of what’s on the menu…


Raw Bar

Tuna, swordfish, urchin with a range of accompaniments and dressings

On the fire pit

Whole swordfish, wrapped in prosciutto, served with smokey romesco
Whole cobia, lemon, parsley and caper butter
Skull island prawns, chilli, lime and oregano mayonnaise.
Along with roasted whole cauliflower
Oysters and clams, popped open over fire with warm dressings

From the Kitchen

Smoked mussels with confit squid, hazelnut milk, beach succulents and kishk
Snapper roasted with fish bone & tahini sauce, charred leeks, pickled kohlrabi and shaved fish


Something sweet
To be revealed soon!


All matched with wines by Cullen and Quartz Reef. Two pioneers of biodynamic and sustainable wine making their winemakers will on hand sharing the stories of the wines.